February 2017 – A good Lent means Fytro!

Fasting during Lent is not only a traditional custom in Greece but also an exceptional opportunity to detoxify our body after excessive consumption of animal and other fats. Of course, it also has its own rules that need to be followed! One of the most important things when fasting is to manage the restrictions that it entails but also to ensure that your body doesn’t lack valuable nutrients, that give it the necessary day-to-day energy, needed to ensure that it can function properly.

Fytro’s comprehensive range of products is a great ally in this regard, ensuring your body has daily reserves of fibers, vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed, while also helping you create healthy, fast and delicious recipes. Fasting during Lent can become an ideal opportunity to adopt daily eating habits that will help you control your weight and manage your health as part of a healthy lifestyle.

This year Fytro has introduced a new, very tasty drink that you’re bound to love whether during the period of Lent or afterwards! It’s the Fytro Almond Drink, with calcium and vitamins, ideal for every moment of the day. It is a 100% natural product, low-fat, lactose-free, gluten-free and rich in vitamins E, B2, B12 and D.

For Lent in particular, Fytro Soya products are an important source of proteins, and therefore, among other things, an excellent substitute for animal products. These include Soya Drink, Soya Mince and Soya Kebab, which are rich in proteins, potassium and magnesium.

The Fytro range includes a wide variety of options for each and every meal, such as cereals for an ideal start to your day, or Brown and Dark Brown Sugar for coffee or tea. For lunch, there are many options such as Cracked Wheat and the Soya products mentioned above. Finally, try Fytro Rice Cakes and Marmalade for an evening snack.