2015 June – Make the summer brighter and lighter, with the help of Fytro

Summer always brightens our mood. But as temperatures rise, we should take care to eat a lighter, more balanced, nutritious diet with plenty of water every day, as well.

Fytro is your ally in this effort. By selecting products that have high nutritional benefits from Fytro’s wide variety of options, you can prepare balanced meals that ensure your body is getting the nutrients and fibers it needs.

Looking for a summer meal plan suggestion? Look no further! Start your day with a bowl of Fytro wholemeal cereals. You could choose Fytro Muesli with Crispy Cereal Flakes and Dried Fruit and enjoy it with milk or even over yogurt and top it off with unsalted nuts. Alternatively, why not try a bowl of Fytro Oat Flakes or Fytro Bran Flakes which provide the vitamins and iron your body needs.

Later on in the day, make yourself a tasty, quick snack with Fytro Rice Cakes and low fat cheese, honey or Fytro Marmalade, a filling pick-me-up without unnecessary calories and fats, as each Fytro rice cake contains just 26 calories!

For lunch or dinner choose refreshing salads with tomatoes, fresh herbs such as basil and mint, tuna or chicken and Fytro Cracked Wheat, which is rich in fiber and manganese, and that helps maintain healthy bones and protects cells from oxidative stress.

And finally, don’t forget to hydrate throughout the day with water, juices, and drinks that you can sweeten with Fytro Brown or Dark Brown Sugar.