2015 June – Α lighter summer with Fytro

Summer certainly lightens the mood. However, your diet also needs to be lighter. A balanced diet, with nutritious, tasty and light meals, coupled with adequate hydration of the body, is necessary especially as the temperatures rise.

Fytro is your ally in this effort. By selecting from our wide range of products, you can prepare balanced meals to ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs and the sufficient fibers, without the burden of too many fats and calories.

Here’s a suggestion for how your summer diet could taste: in the morning start your day with a bowl of Fytro wholemeal cereals. Choose crunchy cereal flakes with dried fruit, in other words, choose Fytro Muesli. Enjoy it with milk or refreshing yogurt and add unsalted nuts. Alternatively, why not try a bowl of Fytro Oat Flakes or Fytro Bran Flakes which provide the vitamins and iron your body needs.

Shortly afterwards, prepare tasty, quick snacks with Fytro Rice Cakes and low fat cheese, honey or Fytro Marmalade, which will fill us, without all the unneeded calories and fats. Each Fytro Rice Cake contains just 26 calories!

For lunch or dinner, choose refreshing salads with tomatoes, fresh herbs such as basil and mint, tuna or chicken and Fytro Cracked Wheat, which is rich in fibers and manganese, that contributes to maintaining normal bone condition and to protecting cells from oxidative stress. Ypu can also make a light risotto with mushrooms and Fytro Wholegrain Rice.

Of course, don’t forget to hydrate your body throughout the day by having loads of drinks and juices to which you can add Fytro Brown or Dark Brown Sugar.