2015 July – Back to work with Fytro!

Are you just back from holidays? Perfect! So the time has come for you to get back into schedule and routine. To set targets for the new season.  Realistic, measurable, specific and achievable targets will keep you on schedule, fill you with a sense of satisfaction and give you confidence.

We implement and follow a lifestyle for a good health and well-being. We maintain or improve our shape and we ensure we have the nutrients our body needs.

Fytro gives you suggestions for good eating habits that free your hands at the office even when you have a demanding day.

Consume fibers at breakfast by eating Fytro cereals.

Fytro Cereals are enriched with vitamins, iron and fibers and combine nutrients for an invigorating breakfast!

Have some coffee at the meeting with Fytro Brown Cane Sugar!

Fytro Brown Cane Sugar is a 100% natural product. Ideal for coffee and all drinks.

For those who follow protein-based diet…

we have a solution for you too. Fytro soya products are rich in plant proteins and contain only vegetable fats. They are suitable for anyone who wants to avoid animal proteins.

Light Lunch and grab-and-go snacks from Fytro!

Choose Fytro Rice Cakes. They are gluten-free, contain fibers and have just 26 calories each. Always carry them in your bag.