2017 July – A good summer means beautiful moments and delicious tastes. It means eating healthy with Fytro!

Every summer we want to feel lighter and healthier. To walk on the beach in our swimwear, without any worries! That’s why summer is the best time to start a regular healthy and balanced diet with the help of Fytro!

The extensive range of Fytro products allows you to prepare delicious, light meals for any time of the day, ensuring that your body has the nutrients it needs and a sufficient number of fibers, without burdening it with too many calories and too much fat.

Thanks to the range of Fytro products, you’re bound to find tasty combinations that will excite you. For breakfast you can try Fytro Muesli with dried fruit or Fytro Oat flakes that are delicious with milk or refreshing yogurt with honey and fresh fruit.  Moreover, the new Fytro Crunchy Muesli has added 2 new flavors to the cereal category: oats and chocolate or oats and honey!

In the snacks category, try the Fytro Rice Cakes with only 26 calories each! Try them either with Fytro Marmalade or honey, or for a savory snack try them with low fat cheese. Filling but not fattening!

And when the time comes for a more filling lunch or dinner, we have Fytro Cracked Wheat which is the perfect basis for delicious, nutritious salads, that you can enjoy with vegetables and fresh herbs, or mixed with the protein of your choice such as eggs, tuna or chicken. Let us not forget that Fytro Cracked Wheat is rich in fibers and manganese, which contributes to maintaining normal bone condition and to protecting cells from oxidative stress.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep your body hydrated throughout the day by drinking lots of water but also beverages or juices, to which you can add Fytro Brown or Dark Brown Sugar if needed.