2017 December – ‘New products from Fytro!’

Fytro’s already comprehensive range of products has added four new and exciting options, which are ideal for those following a healthy lifestyle or watching their diet, but not wanting to sacrifice taste in the name of nutrition.

  • Fytro Crunchy Muesli with oats and chocolate – crispy cereal bites with chocolate pieces, and Fytro Crunchy Muesli with oats and honey – crispy cereal bites with honey and 30% less fat*. For those who want a tasty, fortifying breakfast, a light meal or a snack, the new Fytro Crunchy Muesli products are sources of iron, phosphorus, Vitamin B1 and fiber in addition to being gluten-free.

* on average when compared to other crunchy muesli.

  • Fytro Almond Drink with calcium and vitamins. This is a 100% plant-based product, low in fat, lactose-and gluten-free and a source of vitamins E, B2, B12 and D. Try it plain or mixed in with juices, fruits and cereals. It can be used as an ingredient to make fasting-friendly mashed potatoes, drinks and creams, sauces and soups.  It can also replace milk in breads, cakes and other desserts whose recipes call for it. Suitable for vegetarians as well as for those who are lactose intolerant or have milk allergies.
  • The new products also include Fytro Quinoa, which is ideal for delicious salads. It is a source of protein, fiber, magnesium, biotin and phosphorus, in addition to having a high folic acid content and being gluten-free.

Give our new Fytro products a try today, and enjoy their unmatched taste, variety and nutritional benefits for your well-being.

Fytro’s range of high nutritional value products are the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle: they combine fiber, reduced fat and calories, which are all hallmarks of a balanced contemporary diet.

Choose the Fytro products that suit your lifestyle from our wide range of products and incorporate their nutritional benefits into your daily diet: Brown and Dark Brown Sugar, Molasses, and Bulgur Wheat.